Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Bird's Nest produced?

Bird's Nest is produced by Swiftlets (Collocalia Fuciphaga Species).  They use a glutinous secretion (bird's saliva) to make a whole nest.  The secretion is formed from a pair of sublingual glands located beneath the swiftlet's tounge.

Why are Bird's Nest comes in different colour?

Bird's Nest contains some minerals and they can change colour due to some oxidizing process.  The factors are including temperature, humidity level, amonia level inside bird houses, as well as the different insect species food intake of the bird's diet.

Is Cave Bird's Nest better than House Bird's Nest?

Cave Bird's Nest are formed by free, naturally-living swiftlets and environment.  Therefore, most people consider them to be more valuable as harvesting these nests is considered very dangerous.   

How to differentiate a good and pure Bird's Nest?

A pure bird's nest should have a translucent look and free from any impurities.  Bird's Nest varies in shapes and sizes and colours.  Pure Bird's Nest has a smell of an egg white.  No other smell should exist.

What are the Benefits of consuming Bird's Nest Soup?

Bird's Nest contains several nutritious elements such as soluble glycoprotein, amino acids, minerals (such as zinc, iron, copper and sodium) and anti oxidant.  These elements will help the body to repair body cells and generate new cells.  The antioxidant helps to eliminate free radicals in the body.  Bird's Nest also contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which produces an anti aging effect and radiant looking of the skin. Bird's Nest can also facilitate growth, replenish strength and vital energy, accelerate the recovery from diseases by reinforcing immunity. Consuming Bird's Nest during pregnancy improves the immune fuctions of the foetus as well as improves the mother's recovery after the giving birth process. Frequent consumption enhances imunity, giving resistance to common cold and seasonal flu, clearing the phlegm and strengthen the lungs and kidneys, relieveing respiratory ailments such as asthma or chronic coughs, relieving fatigue also stimulating the appetites, improving digestion, stimulating bowel movement and boosting concentration as well as sexual performance.

How often should I eat Bird's Nest?

Bird's Nest should be consumed daily.  A healthy person can consume 1g of dry Bird's Nest  a day to maintain one's health.  A pregnant women should consume 3g to 5g.  A portion of 8g, about a super whole cup nest, should be consumed for someone with serious health problems. 

When is the best time to consume Bird's Nest?

It is best to drink Bird's Nest soup before sleep because the body absorbs it during our sleep.  Or early in the morning, when your stomach is still empty for better absorbtion of its nutrients.

Can my child eat Bird's Nest?

Yes, of course.  In fact, Bird's Nest is suitable for all ages.  Regular consumption of bird's nest can increase child's appetite.

How do I store Bird's Nest?

There are two ways in storing Bird's Nest.  First, you can keep it in the refrigerator for about 6 months period.  Or you can dry it in a room temperature until completely dry, then you can keep it in an air tight container for an unlimited period of time.

Is Dewata Walet a registered business?

Yes, we are a registered business company in Bali, Indonesia.

Is your Bird's Nest of High Quality Product?

Yes, our bird's nest is of high quality product.  Our Cleaning processing is a natural processing.  Using no chemicals, no bleaching, no colouring, no additives and no preservatives.

How can I be assured of the quality?

You can see from our ISO Health Certificate result done by a well known and reputable Health Laboratorium in Indonesia.  As well as result from Health laboratorium in China. 

When will I receive my bird's nest after I ordered online?

We will get in touch with you within 24 hours after you have place your order from our authorized online retailer.  The confirmation details will be advised and the delivery time of the order will be arranged at your convenience.  Normally, shipping time worldwide will take around 6-8days.  You will be notified on the shipping proof by email when the order delivered.

Are there any Shipping Fee?

No, we provide free shipping to all parts in Indonesia.  We do have free shipping program for shipment to Singapore and China.

How do you ship the Nest to us?

All items will be packed as to prevent any damages and will be sent using private courrier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or EMS Postal Service

What if the product is Lost or Held by Customs?

Our shipping process is 100% Guaranteed and it is a door to door service.  Therefore, any product that is lost will be replaced with the same product.  And in case the package get caught in the Customs, we will give you a 100% Money Back.  

Do you do Delivery Around Bali Island?

Yes, we do free delivery around Bali Island.

What are the available payment modes?

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay or you can wire transfer to our bank account in China (China Construction Bank)

Is Online Payment Secure?

Yes. Our online payment is secure because your transaction protected by Fraud Detection System (FDS), certified by PCI-DSS and also verified by VIsa and MasterCard Secure code

How do I make a Purchase?

It is very simple.  You can go under Our Products section, then click the products you wish to order and add the item into a shopping cart.  To add more items, You can go back and add or just click on the Pay & Finish button to complete your purchase.
1. Credit Card Payment
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2. Refund Policy
If you are not satisfied with a product that you have ordered, you can return the product back and grant a refund (MAXIMUM 1 WEEKS) after receiving. 
The procedure to a refund of product is as follows: 
a) Drop us a line at 
Please include all relevant details (ie: product id, product name, receipt number and transaction id). Also please specify the reason why  you are dissapointed with the product (This is solely for our information, in order to improve our product and quality)
b) Then send the product back to us
c) When we receive the product back, we will proceed with the refund procedure.  
d) Shipping and handling charges as well as credit card charges will be customers responsibility

Order Processing - We do our best to process orders once we have received them. We pack the products  for safe delivery, and proceed with the delivery arrangements immediately.

What's the typical order processing time?

We need 24hours to process your order. To avoid disappointment, make your orders clear. There may be unforeseen circumstances that might delay the processing  especially during high seasons.

Can I change my order after it has been checked out?

Orders that have been checked out can not be changed. 
Delivery. We provide multiple delivery addresses in a single payment and delivery options at Checkout. Local deliveries are made by private courier with door to door service.  While overseas shipment will use Fedex or Speedpost EMS. Note the rules & regulations outlined in para ii.

How much will I be charged for delivery?

Free Around the Island of Bali deliveries promotions, including Indonesia, Singapore and China. 

What are the delivery options?

1. Local Delivery :  Same day delivery however subject to availability.
2. International Delivery :  International delivery timings are subject to international courier schedules. Most orders take approximately 6-8 working days to arrive.

What are the rules & regulations?

1. Delivery 
Ensure the recipient's addresses and contact details are correct before proceeding with payment at Checkout.  The courier company will only make limited attempts to deliver the package according to the delivery details provided.
2. Returns & Refund
Returns & Refund - are subject to the Terms of Use and Return Policy. For products that are eligible, you have up to 1 week from the time you receive your item(s) to initiate a return.

Will every request be approved?

Return and refund requests are based on case-by-case basis. We will look into the case with you to determine whether it is eligible.

What can I expect if my request is approved?

You are expected to bear the cost of the delivery and the handling which may incur in the return or exchange process of the product.

How do I initiate such a request?

Drop us a line at and we will review your case and guide you along.

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