Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Credit Card Payment

Terms & Conditions:
Payment by credit card will be charge in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Refer to Indonesian banking regulation requires all credit card transaction has to be made in Indonesian Rupiah. Your payment will be processed by iPaymu (owned by PT. Inti Prima Mandiri Utama). iPaymu or PT. Inti Prima Mandiri Utama name will be displayed on your credit card / bank statement and you also received a notification by email from iPaymu about the transaction .

Bank Transfer

Terms & Conditions:
You are to be requested to email the proof of payment if Bank Transfer method is chosen.  
You will also be notified immediately on the confirmations. Bank Info :
  1. Bank's Name:  China Construction Bank
  2. Bank's Account Number:  6222 8015 4032 1068 157

Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions:
If you are not satisfied with a product that you have ordered, you can return the product back and grant a refund 
(MAXIMUM 1 WEEKS) after receiving. The procedure to a refund of product is as follows: 
  1. Drop us a line at sales@dewatawalet.com.
    Please include all relevant details (ie: product id, product name, receipt number and transaction id). Also please specify the reason why you are disappointed with the product (This is solely for our information, in order to improve our product and quality)
  2. Then send the product back to us
  3. When we receive the product back, we will proceed with the refund procedure.  
  4. Shipping and handling charges as well as credit card charges will be customers responsibility